Texts In Camelot

Thank you! I really do enjoy their pairing.

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Gwaine (9:01 PM): Mass Message: who wants to know a secret about Arthur?

Leon (9:02 PM): he’s going to send me to kill you

Merlin (9:03 PM): Oh, Gwaine, no.

Arthur (9:03 PM): I will have Leon murder you. Or I could do it myself. No one would blame me.

Elyan (9:04 PM) : RUN

Percival (9:05 PM): I will help you escape if you tell me th secret

Gwaine (8:20 PM): Sire would it be ok if I were to court Merlin?

Arthur (8:20 PM): WHAT? Have you been on the cider? Is this a mass message? What about Percival? No you cannot.

Gwaine (8:23 PM): well sire you cannot forbid me I was only asking tp be polite

Arthur (8:24 PM): I am your KING and you will do as I say.

Gwaine (8:26 PM): is there a reason you do not want me to sire? Im good to sacrifice myself fr you and camelot but not good enough to court your manservant?

Arthur (8:30 PM): That is not it at all and you know it.

Gwaine (8:31 PM): what is it I know sire?

Arthur (8:39 PM): He’s much more than that.

Gwaine (8:40 PM): AH HA! you should let HIM know that


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Thank you very much!

Gwaine (9:58 AM): Im not in my room

Gwaine (10:01 AM): do i wear armless chainmail?

Gwaine (10:05 AM): do I usually smell like the woods?

Gwaine (10:08 AM): i dont know where my boots are

Leon (10:09 AM): You usually smell like a dead deer left out in the sun for too long. From the chain mail I can tell youre in Percival’s room. He’s on his way with an apple for you now stop talking to me

Gwaine (10:11 AM): can you ask hm to bring me bread?

Gwaine (10:13 AM): did you ask him

Gwaine (10:14 AM): did you?

Gwaine (10:16 AM): he didnt bring any bread I hate you

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Arthur (8:05 AM): Merlin

Merlin (8:06 AM): Arthur

Arthur (8:06 AM): Where are you?

Merlin (8:06 AM): In the kitchens getting your breakfast?

Arthur (8:07 AM): Is that a question? Are you not sure of where you are or what you are doing?

Merlin (8:07 AM): I’m getting your breakfast.

Arthur (8:08 AM): I already have my breakfast in front of me.

Merlin (8:08 AM): What? Why? How?

Arthur (8:10 AM): Because my servant was supposed to be here an hour ago and when he wasn’t I had someone else bring me breakfast. You really are the worst manservant ever.

Merlin (8:11 AM): What do I do with this tray of food? I’m almost there.

Arthur (8:11 AM): Have breakfast with me.

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Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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etluxintenebrislucet-deactivate said: This is the best tumblr I've seen in a long time! It's hilarious haha :D

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I’ve had this idea for a week or two and decided to give it a try. I’m hoping to come up with more ideas to keep you all entertained.

Gwaine (1:12 PM): do you think Gaius has anything for my head? it hurts

Merlin (1:13 PM): Long night at the tavern?

Gwaine (1:15 PM): no long night between Percival and the headboard

Merlin (1:17 PM): Well, you’ve just reminded me never to ask questions.

Gwaine (2:33 PM): Mass message: Percival would you like to repeat our activities from last night? After practice?

Elyan (2:33 PM): why is this a mass message?

Merlin (2:35 PM): Didn’t I teach you how to send a message to a single person?

Arthur (2:35 PM): I don’t know if I should cancel practice or make it run longer

Leon (2:37 PM): ths does not have to be a mass message at all

Percival (2:39): Yes.